Sophia Sunflower Salon is a natural beauty salon that caters to each guest's unique style and personality. Treat yourself to a lavish experience. You deserve it! I use coconut oil instead of the coconut dairy with avocado, banana and honey. It includes made my locks stronger. I got the theory from those women in the circus that dropped. Their wild hair is strong from the use of avocado etc. They are simply held up by their mane. The hair did not fail them but it was the thing that their scalp was tied to.

This con­di­tion­er is ide­al for nat­u­rals whose mane dis­likes pro­tein con­di­tion­ers but needs somewhat of strength­en­ing. The key is the coconut oil , which binds to the wild hair thus reduc­ing ker­at­in reduction. Hon­ey , a humec­tant, is also added to the combine to impart mois­ture reten­tion. I get the best of both worlds - mois­ture and power - with this con­di­tion­er. I per­son­al­ly use two serv­ings of the recipe because my mane is real­ly thick, dense, and nat­u­ral­ly dry.

Combine 1/4 glass (60ml) distilled drinking water with 1 tablespoon each of the appropriate natural remedies in a tiny container and bring to a boil on the stove. I needed done some major harm to my hair recently, and after only 1 time with that stuff on my scalp it's at least 50% better! African hair is a lot drier than other locks types, with little natural oil. It requires deeper and even more frequent conditioning than another hair type.natural hair conditioner for dogs

When done, apply the deep conditioner to flowing hair and cover your strands with a bathtub cap. Heat for at least 20 minutes, rinse the mixture out with cool water (no warm water). Make certain the concoction is completely rinsed out of your hair, then style as normal. Hello Bipasha, I am likely to change my curly hairs to smooth and thick mane, so that I could style my mane as my wish, can you help me on that.

Dull/ Greasy Locks: Oily or oily locks is triggered by over production of any waxy substance called sebum from the sebaceous glands that gives the head of hair a boring, limp and lifeless appearance. Greasy scalp is hard to regulate and difficult to style because it will clump together. To be able to control the petrol in the mane, use an olive oil control mild shampoo, and apply conditioners at least an inches away from your scalp. Try to avoid gel founded styling products such as pomades and mousse.